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Start Using Mirror Therapy Today!

The OT's Guide To Mirror Therapy has everything you need to support your clients as they recover from stroke.


Here's what people have to say about the program...

"Where was this mirror therapy when I was in rehab? It feels kinda strange, especially because I don't normally feel my left arm and now it seems like I can." Anne DeCarlo, stroke survivor, former client, friend


"I love everything about this program. The instructions made it so easy to learn!" Catherine C., COTA/L


"This program is amazing. I think its going to be so useful to many far and near. We know stroke isn't defined by age, gender or class! And insurance companies don't help those individuals who really need it - recovery from stroke isn't based on a specific DRG!

There are so many patients who get cut from therapy yet are so motivated to get their affected limb moving again. This program really seems to fit the purpose for those patients really well...It's easy to follow and incorporates simple exercises and activities that most people have at home!" Colleen M. Pandolfino, MS, OTR/L

Hi, I’m Debra Battistella, originator of Creative Concepts in Occupational Therapy PLLC.

I love all things OT. I think occupational therapy is the greatest profession. We meet people where they are and help them get to where they wish to be.

I believe we can offer so much more, which is why I started this site. There are so many gaps in services that occupational therapy can address. I know there are others like me, those who are ready to implement creative solutions, step up and fill in those blank spots.

That's why I offer programs for OT's that give you real solutions...from education to ready-made interventions and everything in between...Let's work together to make OT the most requested service ever!