The Confident Clinician Program is a multifaceted mentorship experience for occupational therapy practitioners who are looking for true leadership that focuses on professional growth and empowered practice.
Long ago, I was despondent about my career choice. A wise practitioner with more experience than I suggested getting a mentor...That was the best idea ever!
I was fortunate to meet therapists who loved their career choice and truly enjoyed helping this OT get out of a rut. I soon became inspired to embrace a creative professional path that has included market research, program development, teaching, Academic Fieldwork Coordination, Continuing Education training, community speaking engagements, podcasting and business development.
I believe in the power of inspiration and I wish to inspire others by sharing my knowledge and wisdom while sparking more ideas through this engaging and fun, experiential program.
There is a place for authenticity and vulnerability in physical medicine practice. Here, I hold the space for it. Let us be the practitioners who bring meaning, value, and heart to OT practice.
Being a physical medicine practitioner does not mean you need to lose your soul.

I hear so many OT providers express discontent with leadership, work setting practices and disgruntled clients.

What if there's another way? What if it's as simple as connecting to one's heart to gain clarity and bring your best self to your practice?
When this is the case, things change!



Let's make an environment people want to be in. We are the change...We are the VALUE that clients are looking for and need.

Confident Clinician Mentorship Experience

Program Pillars


We begin here. Rapid changes in our healthcare and academic systems are leaving a LOT of practitioners and students feeling lost. Uncover your skills, strengths, and challenges and know yourself in the truth of who you are. Discover your dreams & desires and how they relate to your OT practice.

Magical Moments

Step into your personal power through engaging experiences that create connection, shift thoughts, emotions and outcomes. Exchange frustration and despair for feelings of hope and inspiration that guide you to create and deliver services from your heart.

Physical Medicine Practice

I share everything I've created for physical medicine practice, including:

  • Interventions
  • Detailed programs & trainings
  • Research & Evidence
  • Marketing Materials
  • Strategies for use, grading up & down, and documentation examples. Guided by the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, 4th Ed. (OTPF 4th ed.)
  • Videos
  • Audio recordings
  • More

Who is the Program for?

Physical Medicine OT Practitioners
OT & OTA students
Staff Therapists
Rehab Directors
Academic Fieldwork Coordinators
FW Supervisors
Business Owners

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This picture symbolizes peace for me. It's how I like to feel to when I'm with clients. Feeling calm is one of the ways I gauge success.
When I feel calm, I'm connected to my heart, I think clearly and behave confidently.
I am in my power and empower others too.
The CONFIDENT CLINICIAN is based on an empowerment model.
If this resonates with you, I'd love to have you be a part of our tribe.